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Atlanta CrossFit League - Championship Tournament

atlanta Crossfit crossfit equipment

The Atlanta League is having their next meet on June 29, 2013 at CrossFit North Atlanta.  This is a very competitive league and am I very happy to see the Atlanta affiliates getting together.  This particular competition has some really good team prizes.  Prize packages have an assortment of gear to help your team get in better shape.  LYNX Barbell is giving away two (2) Olympic Bearing bars and a couple kettle bells.  We will have a booth setup at the event so please stop by.  Can't wait to see the workouts they have planned.  If it was like the...

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Strength, Power, Yoga, Mobility Bands

BJJ Crossfit crossfit equipment strength bands

Latex strength bands are a very cheap but versatile tool for any fitness enthusiast.  They will help you increase mobility for whatever sport you play.  The thicker bands can be used to add load to your lifts while the middle bands (purple and green) are great for assisted pullups.  The small black, red, and orange are great for stretching and rehabilitation.  Many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu strength and conditioning programs use our bands and have told us they make a huge difference after 3-6 months of use.  The athletes have increased mobility in their shoulders and hips and injuries are reduced.  Prevent...

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ECON Bumper Plates and 28.5mm Bar Soon to Arrive!

atlanta bumper plates crossfit equipment rubber weights

Just giving everyone a heads up that the LYNX HYBRID bar is en-route and should arrive next late next week.  We are super excited to bring in this bar.  It is a 28.5mm BEARING bar with duel knurl marks and will available for $210 (local)  This will be hands down the BEST $210 bar on the market.  In the same shipment are my ECON bumper plates which have been out of stock for some time now.  Get your orders in quick as many of them have already been spoken for!  

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