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Strength, Power, Yoga, Mobility Bands

BJJ Crossfit crossfit equipment strength bands

Latex strength bands are a very cheap but versatile tool for any fitness enthusiast.  They will help you increase mobility for whatever sport you play.  The thicker bands can be used to add load to your lifts while the middle bands (purple and green) are great for assisted pullups.  The small black, red, and orange are great for stretching and rehabilitation.  Many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu strength and conditioning programs use our bands and have told us they make a huge difference after 3-6 months of use.  The athletes have increased mobility in their shoulders and hips and injuries are reduced.  Prevent athlete injury by incorporating mobility exercises daily!  

When purchasing a mobility band there is one major attribute to consider.  The manufacturing process is what drives the cost of the bands.  LYNX mobility bands are made from 100% LAYERED natural latex.  Layered latex is required for safety and durability.  A non layered band such as a "single mold" or "continuous dipped" are inferior compared to a truly layered band.  If a truly layered band gets a small cut it will only tear through those layers that took the direct cut.  A non layered band will tear all the way through resulting in possible injury to the athlete.  This is a no no especially if you are working with clients doing assisted pull ups.  It is easy to tell which bands are truly layered vs the others.  With a truly layered band you will see the "end" of the layer with the naked eye.  Another give away is if the band has a very vibrant color.  Those bands are either "single mold" or "continuous dipped" which is NOT the same as a layered band.


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