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GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition & Home Edition

GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition & Home Edition


Product Description

This is the timer your coaches and members have been asking for!  

The GymNext Flex Timer combines a large, crystal-clear LED display with an easy to use interval timer app creating the best, most powerful gym timer ever made.

The 4.0" LED digits in blue/red are visible from hundreds of feet away and the 95db buzzer is extremely loud.  With bluetooth range of over 100 feet, you aren't tethered to the clock.  Move throughout the facility and easily control and setup the timer from our convenient and FREE mobile app.  

You can save an unlimited number of custom workouts spanning 6 different timer modes:  Standard, Round, Interval, Tabata, EMOM and Laps.  Configurable prelude times, round warnings, and a 3-second segue between rounds are just the beginning of the options available to create the most customized experience ever.

The audio sync feature allows you to use a wired or bluetooth speaker to augment or replace the timer's built in buzzer.  Play your music from your phone and now you can listen to your music as loud as you want.  The app will automatically fade the music in and out at the end of each round so that you never miss an indicator again.

Large gyms will love the ability to link multiple timers together and have them display the same workout or run the timers separately to easily manage different workouts or heats.  And the included wall brackets make mounting your clock a breeze.

For the utmost convenience, go hands-free with a Pebble timepiece or Apple Watch. You'll enjoy the natural feeling you get from initiating the timer from your wrist just like a stopwatch.

For the data lovers and elite athletes, integrate heart rate monitoring into your workouts and have your heart rate periodically or permanently display on the clock so you know how hard you're working and can set a proper pace.

When not in use for timing purposes, the Flex Timer reverts back to a 12h or 24h clock.

But there's even more...

The Flex Timer app is updated all the time unlocking new features and functionality so that your timer actually gets even better with age.

All warranty claims must be made thru GymNext Timer. 


Technical Specifications

Digit Size 4" # of Digits 6 (2 Blue, 4 Red)
Buzzer Volume 95db Voltage 12V
Dimensions 23" x 6.3" x 2.2" Power 24W
Weight 7 lbs  Cord Length  5 ft

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