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LYNX Endurance Rubber

LYNX Endurance Rubber


Manufactured to last exclusively by LYNX Barbell.  These are the most durable bumper plates on the market.  We specifically formulated what we believe is the perfect rubber to adhesive combination that gives you enough bounce to protect your floors and barbells without having large variances in dimension and weight.  Our plates are true to weight within a 1/2 lb unlike other manufactures whose plates can vary by up to 2 lbs.

Our 160 lb sets (and larger) come with FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA.  For in-store prices come visit us.  See below plate breakdown for each set.

160 LB Set Includes:  2x 10/25/45

190 LB Set Includes:  2x 10/15/25/45

230 LB Set Includes:  2x 45 + 4x 10/25

260 LB Set Includes:  2x 15/45 + 4x 10/25

350 LB Set Includes:  4x 10/25/45 + 2x 15

500 LB Set Includes:  4x 10/25 + 8x 45

Bumper Width

10lb - 1.25"

15lb - 1.75"

25lb - 2.5"

45lb - 3.25"

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