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Just wanted to let you know what we are working on. 1. GHD: Our first GHD is...

Just wanted to let you know what we are working on.

1. GHD: Our first GHD is ready to roll out. We are very excited to make this available without breaking your bank account.

2. LS-1 Squat Stand: This is a beefy squat stand made from thick tubing and will feature the industries BEST J-CUP design. No more bent J-CUPS and no more bar damage. Pair this up with our wall mount pull up bar and say goodbye to those space hogging rigs. Spotter arms will be an optional accessory.

3. Fractional Plates: We have begun manufacturing colored steel fractional plates. These will allow you to make small weight adjustments from 1/4 lb to 1 lb to really figure out your PRs.

4. Competition Bumper Plates: We should have these before end of year.

5. Slam Balls: We will stock these from 10 - 60 lbs.

6. Bar Holders: On top of our 9-bar holder we are manufacturing a 3 and 6 bar holder perfect for home gyms and affiliates.

7. Bumper Stacker: These will allow you to safely stack bumpers vertically and move around as needed. They come standard with casters (wheels).

8. LYNX Flat Bench: This will be made from thick steel tubing with stable back support.

9. Foam Roller: While folks love our knobby roller, many have asked for a flat roller.

Availability of products above is roughly 10 weeks with exception of Competition Bumpers.

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