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LYNX 6x8 Platform

LYNX 6x8 Platform

$269.99 $498.00

The LYNX 6x8 lifting platform enables banded resistance for deadlift outside the traditional power rack and a clean area for OLY lifting.  Our platform comes with 4 band pegs and the floor clips to secure it to the ground.  It requires the use of 2 layers of mats or mat and wood combination.  The double layer provides excellent cushioning for dropping loads from overhead to protect your floor and equipment.  


For do-it-yourself types you need to purchase three 4x6 vulcanized rubber mats (3/4" thick) and one 4x6 plywood (3/4" thick).  

1.  Bolt the frame together using the included hardware.

2.  Lay two of your vulcanized rubber mats inside the frame.

3.  Cut your third 4x6 vulcanized rubber mat in half longways giving you two pieces at 2x6.  

4.  Lay those on the inside of the frame towards the outer section.

5.  Lay your piece of 4x6 plywood in the middle.

6.  Bolt your floor clips onto the frame and secure into your concrete floor.

For those wanting to purchase the rubber mats (pre cut) and wood from us just add the option to "Add Mats and Wood".

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